Custom Party Wear Details

We want to ensure that you get the most from your purchase. Therefore the links on this page will lead you to more information on the sizes of the finished products and of the requirements for the print.

In general if you are sending us a photograph then you need to bear in mind that the image should be as complete as possible and of the best resolution that you can get. If possible please do not embed the photograph in the body of a word document or in a pdf. Try to attach it using the link on the order process as a jpg, tif or png file.

In general most mobiles take a suitable photo. But please ensure that if you want a head and shoulders shot, that you send a photo that is not cut off at the top of the head. We cannot create an image on the badge with something that is not present in the original photograph.

If there is a background image that you want us to remove - may be an extra person in a shot that was taken at a party - then that is not a problem. We can usually do this without having to incur you in any extra charges.

Occasionally, the photograph is in hard copy.  This is particularly common for older birthdays or funeral badges, where the photograph was taken prior to the advent of the digital image. If you cannot scan it, then just let us know and send the photo to us by post. Allow a few extra days for any postal delays. We can scan and then return the photograph to you when we supply the order of custom party wear.


custom party wear - badges

Customised Badge Dimenions

custom party wear - rosettes

Customised Rosette Dimenions

custom party wear - sashes

Customised Sash Dimenions.






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