How do I get a photo on to my Badges, Rosettes or Sashes

Can I order photo badges?  What do I need to do in order to get a photo on my badges or rosette centre.  Can I also have a photo on a sash ? If you have a digital photograph that you want us to put on a badge or rosette centre then just send it […]

New Personalised Rosette Designs

If you are looking for something a little different when you are buying a personalised rosette, then have a look at our heart shaped centres. We still use the same high quality ribbon to produce the circular rosette shapes. But instead of the usual round centre, we now have the option for a heart shape. […]

Personalized Party Rosettes – What to do if you have forgotten to order them

Forgotten your Personalized Party Rosettes?   We can help. It is very easy to spend all the time planning the main areas of the event and forget about some of the smaller items that can make the difference. Typically you will have arranged the booking of the venue, the entertainment, any overnight accommodation, and of course […]

Customised Rosettes – advice for your selection

Customised Rosettes:  Our Personalised Rosettes are manufactured in-house by us. In addition we will design and produce the centre of the rosette for you. The design and colours will be as unique to you as your event itself. You will not see our designs offered elsewhere by other party suppliers on the web. We don’t […]