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Customised Sashes for your Party:

Printed customised sashes – Our personalised sashes are all printed in-house by us.  We don’t sub-contract the printing so you we can assure you of a quick turn round. This is ideal if you are on the last minute.

customised sashes for hen nightsWe have a standard size for our sashes – but of course if you tell us in advance then we can produce ones to fit all sizes – whether child or adult – whether it is being worn over a swim-suit or an overcoat.

All we ask is that you tell us before you order so that we can make sure that you get the perfect fit. You can make the final fitting yourself by using the self-adhesive sticky pads. Of course even then you can still open the sash and re-seal it for fine tuning of the fit.

We haven’t mentioned the design of the sash because we cover this at length on the site. Suffice it to say here that you can have a wide selection of ribbon and text colours – with you choice of message.

The layout of the sashes is up to you.

Hints for your customised Sashes

Just remember that the sash is only 4 inches or 100mm wide. It also has parts of its length where it is not easy to see text. We therefore suggest that you work on there being an optimum text area of about 500mm. This is enough space for most messages.  If you want two lines of text then we would suggest that the top line is in a larger font. The bottom line then crries the less important information. In this way you have the best chance of your main message being visible at a distance.

For further information on our sashes, before ordering, please have a quick look at our videos on personalised sashes which will give you a little more background information.

To order your sashes now go to our Sash page

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