Funeral Rosettes

Funeral Rosettes

funeral rosettes

We know that funerals are sad occasions for all concerned. The loss of loved one  or close friend is not something that we look forward to. Lending  support to the family at a time like this is also important. Whether it is at the actual funeral service or at a subsequent memorial or remembrance service. One visible gesture of support that seems to be gaining increasing popularity is to wear a badge or rosette in tribute to the deceased.  It also is a visible symbol of support for the family. It's a recognition of affection and a celebration of the life of the deceased.

If you want to have badges or funeral rosettes available  for the mourners at a funeral, then we can quickly produce either badges or rosettes. We can make the rosettes in with as many tiers as you require, in whichever colours you want. They could be the colours of a favourite football team Or they could be the colours of a national flag. In fact they can be whatever colours you think befit the occasion.

Include a photo

If you wish, we can also include a photograph in the centre of the rosette. All we need is a photograph. This can be digital or in hard copy (we  can scan it for you). Don't worry if there are other people in the shot. We can edit the photo to remove them. There is a selection of layouts for badges on our site for for the centre of the rosettes that can be adapted.  We will process the order as quickly as possible and if there is enough time, we will email you a visual of what the final product will look like before we actually send it through to production. The order will be despatched by first Class post, but we would highly recommend that to ensure a prompt delivery that you opt for the guaranteed next day delivery option which can be selected at the checkout.