Lanyard badges

Lanyard Badges

Personalised Badges might be extremely popular as a party accessory. But on occasions circumstances could mean that a safety pin is not the best method for attaching the badge. Of course being able to wear the badge around your neck may also be the primary reason for chosing this style. It can act like a medallion or medal around the neck as well as enhancing the visibility of the badge. Read about our lanyard badges.

lanyard badges

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If you do not want to pin a badge to a particular garment, then we have the solution with our lanyard badges or ribbon badges. As the name suggests they are a combination of two of our popular products. The lanyard and the badge.

Lanyard Badges

Whilst we have badges in other diameters, we find that the 77mm diameter badge is the one that looks best when attached to a lanyard. The badge can be treated in the same way as any of our standard personalised badges. You can select from one of our suggested designs, or suggest your own.  Tell us what wording you want to appear on the badge.  Equally the lanyard can be treated in the same way as our standard ribbon lanyards. You can choose your colour of ribbon, which usually would coordinate with the colours chosen for the badge. If you wish, we can also print an addition message or slogan on the ribbon. The options for the text colour depend on the colour of the ribbon chosen. On the darker coloured ribbons the metallic silver or gold text look really good.

As with all of our lanyards, we place a safety break-away connector in the ribbon . Any excessive force on the ribbon means that the lanyard will break at the connector and avoid any injury. The connector can then simply be joined again.