Personalised Hen Party Sashes

Personalised Hen Party Sashes

personalised hen party sashesWearing one of our personalised hen party sashes, with her name printed across the front of it really brings home to the Bride to be that the big day is very imminent. It's a great way to put the Bride to be to the forefront of any of the party celebrations.

The dressing up, of course, doesn't need to be just limited to the Bride. There is no reason why the rest of the party should not have a sash to wear as well.

So don't just buy some of the 'off the shelf' sashes that are available in the market. Why not investigate the option of  getting personalised hen party sashes.  They are not as expensive as you might initially think. And certainly they will have a bigger impact when you are out on the town, in the bars, in the clubs and restaurants on your special night.

Place your own message on the sash

As we can print on the front and the back of the sashes, you can have a standard message on the front of each of the sashes. And if you wish you could put the name or nickname of each of the girls on the back of their sash. Our printing process allows us to economically change the text on each sash. Therefore you don't need to have identical text on all of the sashes in your hen party group.

You don't need to put the name on the back. You could put whatever message you want to personalise it to your night out.  We don't limit you to a maximum number of words or letters. You can have whatever you want.  Just remember though, that the more text you have, the smaller it will be. We can only print in the area that is visible when the sash is worn in normal use. Otherwise any message becomes meaningless and lost.

So don't delay, start your order now.