Personalised Sashes

Personalised Sashes

personalised sashesIt doesn't have to be a beauty pageant before you can wear a sash. Sashes are a great way of promoting a product at an exhibition. promoting a special offer in a store. Or perhaps the most common reason for buying a sash is for a hen night or birthday party.

Whatever other fancy dress might be being worn, then a sash is still a very popular and useful way of identifying the party group. Most bars, clubs, restaurants, airports and resorts have seen groups of hens on the traditional Hen Night out. So it's a great way to announce to everyone that comes into contact with the group what you are celebrating.

Versatile us of personalised sashes

It's also a great way to point out the Bride, or, in the case of birthdays - the birthday boy or girl. As we are talking about personalised sashes, then we also change the message on the main sash. For example all the other could say, It's 'Gemma's Hen Night'. Whereas we can put 'Gemma - Bride to Be' on hers. We could also change her ribbon colour so that, again, she becomes the main focus of attention.

You are not limited to a certain number of words or characters. You can have as much writing as you wish on the body of the sash. You should remember that there is a limited space where any message can be seen. But remember we have the option to also print on the back of the sash as well. So the more text you have, then the smaller it has to be. Below a certain size the text becomes difficult to read and the impact is lost.

We have a standard length of 180cm or about 6 feet for the overall length of a sash. If you want to have one that is shorter or one that is slightly longer then just let us know when you order and we can adjust the ribbon length accordingly.