Printed Ribbon


Printed Ribbon
Campaign Ribbons
Funeral / Memorial Ribbons
Gift Wrapping


We can print your personalised ribbon requirement on a selection of different widths of ribbon. Widths range from 15mm up to 100mm.

The ribbon is sold by the metre. You can choose how you want the message displayed. It can be printed just once or repeated down the length of the ribbon. If you require a different type of layout or font, then please contact us.

For specific applications then we would recommend certain ribbon widths. For banners and sashes we would use the 100mm. As sashes are a popular item, they have their own place on our web site.

If you are looking for something a little bnarrower then 45mm is ideal for wrapping a larger gift or for decorating something like a wedding car.

For something like the lapel ribbons or for campaign ribbons then we would use the narrower 25 or 15mm ribbon.

The campaign ribbons are also very popular as funeral ribbons, worh by the mourners in celbration of the lfe of the deceased.

For all of these applications, if you can't see what you want. Or if your order is a ;little too involved to just order on line. Just gives us a call or email.