Personalised Wristbands


Use the link below to order our off the shelf silicone wristbands .
They are a swirled mix of hot pink and purple – with standard text of ‘We’re on a Hen Night’.
RIBBON WRISTBANDS – no minimum order.
If you want your own message then you can order our ribbon wristbands on line now using the ‘custom ribbon wristband’ link below. There is no minimum order (so each lanyard could have different text if you wish). In addition they are usually ready to post within 48 hours of ordering

Our traditional silicone wristbands have a minimum order of 25. All the text has to be the same on each wristband, and there is a lead time of about 2 weeks. The price of this style of wristband reduces significantly as the quantity increases. Click on the link below for details of how to order.
If you want to have more information on our range of wristbands and options available before you actually start looking around the site. Also before you place an order then there is additional information on our Personalized Wristbands here

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Personalised Wristbands

Almost everyone is now familiar with silicone wristbands, which are used for a whole host of events and charity functions - and of course they are perfect for hen and stag nights - not to mention birthday parties. They are a great way to group people together and to provide a subtle way in which they can all associate themselves with a particular event. This also makes these wristbands a great solutions for schools who are organising pupil outings, as you can put the school name and contact details in case one of the group gets lost or split off from the main group. For children we can offer smaller wristbands than the more regular sized adult versions.

Choose your style for your personalised wristbands

You can create your own individual design - not just the actual text, but also the colour of the wristbands. And you don't need to have just one colour. You can, for example, choose 2 colours and have them swirled together or you can have them as two discreet sections of colour. there is a variety of colour options that you can choose - all of these are shown on our web site.

Low order quantity

The actual process involved in producing silicone wristbands of necessity means that there is a minimum quantity that needs to be ordered in order to make them economic to produce. We have worked hard on this feature and have managed to reduce the minimum quantity that needs to be ordered to just 25. All the wristbands need to have the same text and colours.

Small quantity orders of personalised wristbands

If you only require one or two wristbands but you still want to get them customised then we can offer ribbon wristbands as an alternative. These can be customised and with this particular style you could order just one, or of course you could order several personalised wristbands and have a different message or a different guest name on each of the wristbands.