For something a little different , then choose our
Rectangular Shaped Badges

These badges can be customised for any event, but they are particularly popular additions to birthday party and hen night celebrations .
Other options are also available such as Ribbon Badges and Rosettes. as well as our traditional circular shaped badges

If you want to have more information on our range of badges and options available before you place an order then there is additional information on our Customised Badges here

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Rectangular Badges - When you need something different

There are occasions when you don't want a round or circular badge. May be because of the particular event that is taking place or maybe because the information that you need to display on the badge would be better suited on a different geometrical shape. We can offer you the option of putting your message on a rectangular badge. The badges are 60 x 40 mm in size which gives quite a lot of space for your message.

Create Name Badges

This makes them ideal for name badges where the name and position or company name can be printed on two lines. This also allows sufficient space at the side for a company logo. All badge can be printed in full colour, so reproducing a logo is not an issue.
There are no minimum order levels so this is ideal for name badges where all the badges have a different name - but are all branded in a corporate theme complete with logo.

Made in the UK

Our badges are UK produced so are available for delivery within 24 hours (working days) provided you order before our cut off time. The date is shown at the top of the product pages.