Personalised Lanyards


Use the link below to order our off the shelf woven lanyards . They are hot pink in colour – with standard text of ‘We’re on a Hen Night’. We also have Rhinestone lanyards – again pink in colour – but without any text. Note: because of their design they cannot be customised.
RIBBON LANYARDS– no minimum order
If you want your own message then you can order our ribbon lanyards on line now using the ‘custom ribbon lanyard’ link below – there is no minimum order (so each lanyard could have different text if you wish) and they are usually ready to post within 48 hours of ordering.
Our traditional woven lanyards have a minimum order of 50. All the text has to be the same on each lanyard, and there is a lead time of about 2 weeks. The price of this style of lanyards reduces significantly as the quantity increases. Click on the link below for details of how to order.

If you want to have more information on our range of  personalised lanyards and options available before you actually start looking around the site or before you place an order then there is additional information on our Personalised Lanyards here.

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Lanyards have become one of the most popular accessories in recent years. Whether it is for carrying identity cards or visitor passes or whether for school, office, exhibitions or social events, you will see more and more lanyards in use. Hen, Stag and Birthday parties are no exception, which is why our customised lanyards (personalised lanyards) are being asked for more and more.

Low order volumes

Because of the process we use to print ribbon, we can utilise the benefits that this process offers us and economically produce just one lanyard. We don't need to create artwork and produce a silk screen. If we did then low volumes would not be feasible. Our print process is simple and direct which means that we can easily produce a personalised lanyard that is perfectly tailored to have your individual message. You can order a small amount - all with the same message or you can change the message or the name on each of the lanyards. In fact you can even change the colour of the ribbon on each of the customised lanyards if you wish.

Your safety is important to us

Because we don't know exactly where you will b e using your customised lanyard we send out every one of our lanyards with a safety barrel connector. This means that if ever you get it caught somewhere or if someone pulled it really hard, say from behind, the connector would separate before it had the chance of it strangling or hurting you. Of course under normal usage this should not be a problem, but we would rather be safe than sorry, which is why we introduced this safety feature at no extra charge across our range of lanyards.

Traditional Lanyards

If you have a larger order, and they all need to be the same, then obviously you don't need the benefits of a low volume printing system. What you need are the benefits that can be obtained by a larger quantity run. If this is what you need then we can also supply but the production takes a little longer , but the benefits of a lower unit price will be of benefit to you ! When we talk of larger quantities, then we usually think of 50 being the minimum quantity that would economical by this method. Obviously even larger quantities and the benefits are more obvious - but all of the lanyards have to be the same - although of course the message on your personalised lanyards is whatever you want.