School Parties

school parties, school eventsA typical requirement for school parties for our products can vary from a few badges, sashes for Prom Nights or Leavers' Day to wristbands for all the class going on a school trip. So, looking at these items in more detail.


School Badges

We know that there are traditional school badges for ‘Prefect’ or other standard positions. These are fine when you need a lot of the same design or it is a standard design. But when you need just a few, and possibly ones with different names or designs then our personalised badges are the answer. Typical examples are badges with individual names for members of the PTA when attending meetings. Badges for members of staff during open days or parents’ evenings or for pupils if they are helping. There is no minimum order and delivery is quick.

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Rosettes are based on the badges, with the badge forming the centre. We can produce top quality rosettes in the school colours and put the school logo, motto, or whatever in the centre if full colour. Buy Now


Sashes are popular for Prom Nights. Pink ones for the girls. Blue for the Boys. We also supply quite a number of sashes for ‘Leavers’ Days, PTA events, Open Days and other school events. Buy Now


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So whatever event or occasion:

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