Special Markets

Schools, Funerals, Trade Accounts

Whilst we are best known for our long standing presence in the customised partywear market, we have also been supplying our badges, rosettes, sashes and associated products to other market sectors for many years.

A lot of the products to these special markets do not lend themselves easily to on-line ordering. Companies and organisations might need to place an official order, may require an invoice before payment can be made, or might have a more complex requirement.  In view of this, we would recommend that if your requirement falls into any of the following categories that you give us a call on  0845 519 1231 or email us sales@cardsnbadges.co.uk.

Schools and Colleges

We're not talking about the enamel badges that you would buy in bulk. We are talking about the short run badges you might require for open days, school events, elections or school trips. Something that is required personalised and urgent in small quantities. School events are also something that can require our other products such as sashes, wristbands and lanyards. See examples here of our school badges, rosettes, sashes and other products

Funeral / Memorial Services

We are finding that increasingly there is a requirement for badges or rosettes to commemorate the life of love ones at funerals. Read more about our products for funeral services.  We have supplied many funeral occasions with badges and rosettes where the ability to provide a quick delivery was critical. Read More about our funeral badges or our funeral/memorial service rosettes

Product promotions / Exhibitions

If you want to promote a product at an exhibition, then we can supply badge to illustrate the product - or add the exhibitor's name. If you want a small number of lanyards, then we can offer lanyards with individual names or if you want them all with a corporate message , then with no minimum order, you can order just one if you require.

Trade Customers

If you are a trade supplier yourself, or a graphic studio or printer, then you may already have the artwork , but you don't have the facility to produce badges or rosettes - or to print on ribbon. Just contact us and let's see how we can work together, and add you to our growing list of trade partners.