Useful Information for Customised Party wear

A selection of pages to give you a little background information on the Company, the order process , the site and the products.

The above information should answer most of the questions regarding our products. If you still have some questions or you want to call us before you order then please feel free to contact us during our business hours, which extend into the early evening. Whilst we are a 100% web based operation, we know that a lot of our customers are unable to make a phone call during the day, so we man our phones in the evening so that we can address this situation.

If you email us then it is very unusual if we do not respond within a few hours. If, therefore, you don't receive a reply within a reasonable time frame, then please check, first of all that the email has not bounced, and secondly that any response from us has not been spammed and placed in your spam folder. This situation can occur if our reply involves attaching a file with a mockup of the required badge or rosette or sash. Some automatic spam engines consider that this could be spam and redirect it accordingly. You can also white list our email address which is

As regards the postage, our default situation is that we would post any orders by first class post. Other options are available, particularly for non-UK destinations, so please read the details on the postage, and then give us a call or send an email if you would like further information.

Customised party wear - from MyPartyWear.