Personalised Birthday Badge

Personalised Birthday badge

personalised birthday badgeSo, you are considering a purchase of a personalised birthday badge. Perhaps it's for a close relative or just a friend. Either way there is definitely something special about getting a badge that has been specially made for you. It might have a message on it of special significance or it could have you name on it.

Whatever personalise birthday badge you choose you can be assured that this will have a lot more impact and be more appreciated than one of the generic badges. Birthday badges have long been an adornment to a wide range of birthday cards that grace the shelves of the High Street greeting card shops. Now is the opportunity to build on this idea and take it to the next level.

The vast majority of birthday badges  are circular. With our range of a personalised birthday badge, you can still have your traditional circular badges, but we give you the option to have your design in 3 different sizes from 45mm - 57mm to 75mm diameter.  in addition we also have the option to create personalised birthday badges for you in rectangular format. If you want something really different then we can also put a personalised message and design on heart shaped badges.


Choose your design

We know, from our many years of producing badges, that it is often difficult to think about what design you might want or what colour to go for. We therefore have a few designs on our order page that hopefully will start your creative juices flowing. Choosing one of our standard designs and adding your own personalised text, with your own colour ;layout is probably the quickest and easiest way. But if you have a firm idea of what you require just drop us a quick email and we can see what we can do.

Don't just stop at a badge. We also have a range of custom sashes and rosettes. All of them are made to order and to your requirements.