Personalised Rosettes




Rosettes are a great addition to Hen Nights, Birthday Parties, Stag Nights. As well as being used for awards and competitions or any other occasion when you want to promote a person, product or event.

If you are already buying badges for a hen night, then converting the Bride's into a rosette is an ideal way to keep the theme the same. But make the Bride stand out from the rest of the group..

We make all of our rosettes ourselves on demand. So you can choose any combination of colours from our extensive range.
We give you a list of the colour options for the tails and rosette layers on the ordering page. They include all the usual colours of red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, fuchsia, pale blue, royal blue, black, white, purple and tartan.


Top quality ribbon

The rosettes are made from box pleated ribbon which give a very full pleat and a quality rosette.
The centre of the rosette is based on a 57mm diameter badge. This enables us to personalise the centre as well as print in full colour. So we could add a photograph to the centre of the rosette if required.


We have just introduced two new ranges of customised rosettes which are suitable for all occasions. They are, however, especially suited for hen nights and birthdays.

* Heart Shaped Centres
A new rosette range with a heart shaped centre. Most of our standard centre designs can be adapted to fit this new centre shape.  Available in 1, 2 and 3 tier styles. You can order on line here

* Rainbow, Tartan and Candy Striped Ribbon
A range of rosettes with rainbow,tartan (red, blue or green) and pink and blue Candy Striped ribbon - either on their own or in combination with the traditional colours.

Please contact us with your requirements.

If you need more information on our range of rosettes and the options available. Or before you actually start looking around the site or before you place an order. Then there is additional information on the dimensions of our Customised Rosettes here. We also have a selection of various designs and ribbon colours.

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For further information on our product range, we recommend you watch our Short Video.

When you are ready to order then the following video will help you with the ordering process

Personalised Rosettes

Personalised Rosettes could be something that you might require for a variety of different applications or for a whole host of different events. In the many years we have produced our customised rosettes for so many varied end-uses that it would take too long to list them all here.
Suffice it to say that whether you are arranging an equestrian event, a show, competition, product promotion, election, party, team building, exhibition, etc. etc. then we can help you with a top quality personalised rosette.

Quick delivery

We don't buy them in, we make them all ourselves , so you can be assured not only of the quality but also a quick turnaround - in fact we usually try and despatch all order the same day provided that the order is placed before our daily cut off deadline. You can see this deadline on our home page and on many of our order pages. Of course if your order is particular large or complex then we may require a little longer to complete the order, but even so it is unlikely to be more than about 24 hours. If you are in desperate need of them for a particularly deadline then please contact us first just to make absolutely sure that we can meet your deadline. Provided we can, then we would normally send out the order suing Royal Mail's Special Delivery services which guarantees a delivery before 1pm on a Monday to Friday basis, and for a small extra charge of a few pounds then they will also arrange Saturday morning deliveries as well.

How to Order your Personalised Rosettes

We appreciate that it can be bewildering to see all the different designs that we have on display on our web pages, and when you add to this all the variations of colours that you can have for the ribbon combinations, then we try our best to help you to come to the best conclusion. We have placed what we have called a Rosette Previewer at the bottom of the page where you order your rosettes. All you need to do is choose the centre that best suits your requirements. (Note: this is s fixed image and does not allow you to change the text - but just allows you to see how the design and colour scheme of the centre will work with the ribbon you choose). Once you have chosen the centre then just decide how many layers of ribbon you want and select from the drop down box accordingly. You can then continue to choose and re-display the effect as well as choosing your colours for the ribbon tails. As an added level of customisation you can also request printing on the tails - producing a totally unique customised rosette .