Ribbon Badges


Wear them around your neck


If you prefer not to attach the badges to your clothing – or if you just feel like wearing a badge like a medallion around your neck – then have a look at these badges.
They are available with a selection of ribbon colours and badge designs.
The badge itself is based on our 77mm diameter badge designs.
For your safety, the ribbon used for the badges has a breakaway safety link. These badges are a great addition to any hen night or birthday party.

You can have your choice of design for the badge. Just look at the various designs in our badge section. You then just need to choose the ribbon colour. There is no problem if you want to order different coloured ribbon on the badges in a single order.

If you need to discuss anything about an order before you actually place it. Just get in touch with us. Email or phone.

Ribbon Badges

We know that there is several different ways you will be celebrating your birthday and in a few situations, you might not want to wear your birthday badges pinned against your clothing. Our normal badges have a small safety fastening pin which attaches the badge or rosette to your outer clothing.

The advantage of our ribbon badges or lanyard badges

If you prefer not to use this form of fastening then we have developed a range of ribbon badges or lanyard badges which use a ribbon that is fed via the reverse of the badge and this allows the badge to be worn around your neck – a combination of a medallion and a lanyard.

Using the badge attached with a ribbon is particularly useful if the badge is being worn on delicate fabrics or if the badge would otherwise be pinned on to a party dress where there is no obvious place to attach it. It’s also a quick way for the badge to be worn on a range of different clothing, very quickly, avoiding the need to keep pinning and unpinning from one outfit to the other.

Designing your ribbon badges

Because the ribbon badges are based on a lanyard style, you have therefore the choice not only of the basic colour that you can specify for the ribbon that you have chosen for your ribbon badge but in addition you can choose to have text on the ribbon which can be used to further personalise the message that you are having on your badge. For our red, black, blue or purple ribbon badges we recommend silver, gold metallic text. Black text or the metallics are great on the lighter colours of white, yellow, pale pink and baby blue.. As with all our lanyards, we want to make sure that you are as safe as possible when wearing ribbon around your neck, so we include breakaway safety fastenings in our ribbon with every one of our ribbon badge, and there is no extra charge for this.

Personalize your badges

As regards the personalised ribbon badges, we only recommend our larger badges which have a diameter that is 75mm, as the other shapes and round sizes of badge look too small when worn round your neck.

The described badges will still have all the personalised variations of our traditional custom badges – such as individual text, guest names and naturally you are free to make up your own designs or add the picture of the hen, stag or the birthday boy or girl.

We don’t have a minimum order, so no matter how much personalising you require on your badge, you only need to order the number that you require. Production is quick and ordering is simple on-line. So don’t delay – use the ordering form above and get your ribbon badges next day (weekdays), provided you order before our break-off time, which is shown at the top of our home page and also on various product pages.