Lapel Ribbons


Lapel Ribbons
Ideal for judges at competitions or Speakers at conferences for simple identification purposes.
Your choice of ribbon colours and text colours – 25mm width.
Supplied with a small safety pin
There is no minimum ordering quantity

Add details of the text required – and any other design requirements

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Lapel Ribbon
lapel ribbonIdeal for judges at competitions or for conferences.
for simple identification purposes
Your choice of ribbon colours and text colours
No minimum ordering quantity
Supplied with a small safety pin

The colour of the text can also be varied. One of the most attractive variants is to use the metallic text. This is generally available in gold and silver. The other available colours include black, red, white, yellow, orange, green, red, blue and yellow. Unfortunately not all text colours are suitable for all ribbon colours, particularly the darker ribbon colours. On these darker coloured ribbons we really recommend the metallic silver and metallic silver colours or lime green.  Black and most of the other colours are best suited to the lighter coloured ribbon colours.

In addition to the lapel ribbon we also have ribbons for other applications. Our printed ribbon is a very popular product, probably due to its flexibility in use. We print the ribbon in a range of widths. These include 15mm, 25mm, 45mma and 100mm  wide ribbon. The ribbon also is available in several different colours.

The availability of the colours differs with widths. As not all colours are available in all widths. Our  narrower widths are great for wrapping. The mid-sized widths are great for floral tributes and the larger widths for wreaths and sashes. We have a dedicated page for our sashes due to their popularity.