Photo Rosettes


Photo Rosettes with your choice of centre design and text.

You don’t need to crop your image/photograph or clean it – we will do that for you. Please ensure however that it is a good photograph and that the image is complete.  Finally please ensure that you have the photographer’s permission for us to use the image before you upload it.

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photo rosetteThis Photo Rosette is part of our personalised rosette product range. Here’s how to order your photo rosette.

First you need to decide whether you would like a single, double or triple tier rosette. Then choose the ribbon colours for the layers you have chosen. You will now see a graphic that shows how the ribbon will look. Next, choose the colour for the tails.
Then choose the centre for the rosette. Note – the centre is a generic image and does not change as you enter your text in the order box. Tell us the text that you require.

You can also include a photograph in the centre of the rosette. Just attach it to the order form or email it to us in a separate message. Please try to send us as good a photograph as possible. Any images that you send should not be copyrighted unless you have permission to use them..

All of our rosettes are produced in-house on demand. They use top quality tight pleated ribbon to give a full rosette.

Our photo rosette is just one of the many areas where our rosettes are used. If you wish to explore some of the other applications for our rosettes then you can visit our personalised rosettes page..